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Clutter Antidote: The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Home
Caitlin Kaur
Better Life Publishers
Nonfiction, General Nonfiction

DESCRIPTION: Broken and dusty kitchen appliances, inherited knick-knacks, moth-eaten sweaters, obsolete paperwork... the way humans accumulate clutter, one might suspect we descended from packrats. It's more than just a nuisance and an eyesore; clutter creates stress, fire hazards, and can sometimes give way to outright hoarding compulsions. The author offers advice for cleaning up your household and getting ahead of the creeping clutter.
A Kindle-exclusive title.

REVIEW: Coming from a long line of human packrats, I can relate to the stresses caused by clutter. Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming. This eBook offers quick and simple advice on recognizing clutter, letting go of junk (even sentimental junk), and creating organizational habits to keep it from coming back. She even discusses proper storage for clothes and other essentials. At only 32 pages, it reads fast. (Unfortunately, it failed to address the problem of household members who refuse to join the decluttering crusade, but I suspect that's a problem for a whole 'nother eBook...)

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