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The Habit Fix
Eileen Rose Giadone
Nonfiction, Self-Help

DESCRIPTION: We all have bad habits, and we all mean to fix them... but somehow it doesn't happen. That vow to give up junk food or start a diet becomes one more broken promise. A determination to improve one's life falters when it's not clear where or how to begin. Author Eileen Rose Giadone has been there and done that; her failures and successes in changing habits, the countless books and articles she read and methods she tried, are distilled in this book.

REVIEW: Much of the advice Giadone offers can be found elsewhere; indeed, she cites sources and provides links to where she herself learned these things herself. What she does that others don't is sift through the mountains of self-help information out there and offer the nuggets that helped her. Instead of a full book or book series dedicated to meditation, for instance, she distills the general idea in one chapter, then offers links and suggestions for further reading. Interestingly, she starts with a chapter on the value of one's own word, how paying close attention to the promises we make to ourselves and others is a good "keystone habit" from which others will flow. The more times we make claims and promises we can't follow through on, the more we train ourselves that our own vows mean nothing, leading not only to more self-doubt but to an automatic out for any genuine attempts at changing our lives. Overall, it's a decent little primer to self-help, a quick-reading introduction to positive changes that most people can start using right away.

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