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The Book of Dragons
Union Square Press
Fiction, Fantasy

DESCRIPTION: This book describes the life cycle, culture, and historical significance of the ancient and powerful race of dragons. Many vivid illustrations augment the text. (Also titled The Book of the Dragon.)

REVIEW: The author/artist Ciruelo, whose images should be familiar to many fantasy fans, does a very good job both in describing his dragons and depicting them, though occasionally his images contradicted his written descriptions. His dragons are intelligent, mostly harmless but occasionally terrible beings who have a peculiar relationship with people. Craving companionship yet unable to stand the company of their own kind for prolonged periods, they often take on human servants as friends and occasional lovers... even as humans distrust and destoy them. Not the first book treating dragons as real creatures, and probably not the last, but certainly a good one, using some old ideas and a few new ones.

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